3 Life Lessons Learned on a Tow Rope

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The recreational sports we teach at camp include sailing, water skiing, rock climbing, and many more fun outdoor sports. But these are not the most important skills campers learn. We view the recreational skills we instruct as a means to … Continue reading


Making Friends: Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Why should we care so much about our kids making friends? Because children with friends show many positive characteristics that continue into adulthood, including more of all of these traits than their friendless peers: • Happiness • Confidence • Altruism … Continue reading


Five Reasons Great Parents Send Their Kids to Camp

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My shy, quiet nine-year-old went to camp not knowing a soul. Two weeks later, she came home transformed.  She blossomed. She made friends, learned a multitude of activities, felt safe, loved, confident, and happy — really, really happy.  As hard as … Continue reading


Two Ways to Be a Better Parent

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of listening to Madeline Levine, PhD. (author of The Price of Privilege, Teach Your Children Well) speak at my favorite annual camp conference. Dr. Levine has insight as to why so many of our children … Continue reading


Parking Your Helicopter

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“The study, released Feb. 12, found that behaviors associated with helicopter parenting have a negative impact on the college-aged adult’s feelings of autonomy, competency, and their relationship with their parents. Conventional wisdom in the field of psychology suggests that these … Continue reading


Gratitude Revisited

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I couldn’t let this year end without revisiting the theme of gratitude, which became an important focus this year for my family, for camp, and for myself personally.   While I have some free time over this holiday week, I want … Continue reading


Book Review: How Children Succeed

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“We think that even if your children have the academic skills they need – and we’re doing our best to make sure they do – if our young adults grow up and they don’t also have strong character skills, then … Continue reading